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  • A pattern of Chinese takeout box some with handle up and some with handle down (white with red design) and fortune cookie with white paper slightly hanging out. Blue background.
  • Chinese take out cat kicked has a brown label wrapped around it with cat kicker written and materials list
  • Chinese Take Out Cat kicker with a refillable catnip pouch on the back and showing pattern of boxes and cookies- Courtney's Cat Shop
  • The Chinese take out cat kicker is made with a refillable pocket - Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Holland Wool fills our Chinese Take Out Cat kicker- Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Chinese Cat hugging the Take Out Cat Kicker - Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Chinese Take Out Cat Kicker is being hugged and nibbled on by our kitten - Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Our big cat is hugging the Chinese Take Out Cat Kicker - Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Our big cat is sniffing the organic catnip herb in the Chinese Take Out Cat Kicker - Courtney's Cat Shop
  • Closer view of kicker
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Chinese Take Out Cat kicker

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This cute cat kicker will keep your kitty entertained and make their time in the house that much more fun. A great gift for the cat lover, or your cat.

The Chinese take out food cat kicker is stuffed with wool and organic catnip. It also has a pocket on the back for catnip refills! 

  • Price is for one kicker
  • Made from durable linen cotton canvas
  • Oeko-tex 100 standard
  • Fabric is printed with pet safe inks
  • Filled with Organic catnip grown in the USA and Holland wool
  • Refillable catnip pouch on the backside
  • Approximately 9 1/2" x 2", it is handmade so it may vary slightly
  • This is handmade and locally sourced in the USA by ciao gatto cat market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carrie Wells
My cats love these!

I have a very active and playful cat who needed more play options. I saw these Cat Kickers and thought he might be into it, so I ordered one. When it arrived, within five minutes two of my cats were vying over it, so I immediately ordered a second one so they wouldn’t have to share. Two paws up!

So Cute

I love these kickers and so doesn't Alexander! They are his go to toy!

Deborah Warren
Bravo 👏!

My kitties loved these catnip toys .. they knew the catnip was in the box before I unwrapped it. Absolutely a winner and will definitely purchase another set again!! Thank you!!!!!

Love this!

My cat loves it. She’s very picky about toys. Thumbs up!


I bought the Chinese food take out for my cats and the avo toast for a friend. The kicker was larger than I thought it would be. My small kitty loves it and after kicking uses as a body pillow lol. So cute! I really appreciate no synthetic fill is used. So much safer for my fur babies!