Walking Palm


Walking Palm's core values are built on being passionate pet owners. Walking Palm Natural Pet Products was created in 2011 because we wanted something better to look at than a boring square pet bed, so we created the felted wool cat cave bed! Not only are our caves a great addition to your décor, but they were built with your pet’s health in mind. Everything from the wool to the dye is completely organic and crafted together completely by hand. Not only do we make great pet products, we always aim to help make a difference in the world. We are thrilled to use our business as an economic opportunity to provide better lives for our extended family in Nepal. We hand craft all of our products with our friends in Kathmandu, Nepal, and we pay 200% of the average wage – They are truly an extension of our family, and our continued partnership with their community has given us the great gift of seeing that community grow and thrive economically.