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  • Cat Cave- Sky blue and white
  • Fits cats and small pets up to 18 lbs. 10-11" height, 7-8" opening and 18-19" width.
  • 100% Merino wool, handmade with love and no harmful chemicals or dyes.
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Cat Cave - Sky Blue & White

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The Cat Cave has been perfected as a functional and beautiful rest, play and hiding environment for cats. The Cat Cave is a cozy and comfortable pet bed handmade from all natural wool. 

Each Cat Cave is 100% handmade with love with the highest quality wool available to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy.

  • Walking Palm Cat Caves fit all pets up to about 18 lbs.
  • Easy to clean – Hand Wash only - Our cat caves are easy to spot clean with a dash of soap and water. For dirt, dust and hair, vacuum gently. That’s it! There is no need for a washing machine.
  • 100% Hand Made, so each may vary slightly.
  • Made from Ethically Sourced Wool - Merino wool is not only soft and flexible, it offers natural properties to keep your pets cleaner and smelling better.
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes.
  • The wool is 100% naturally dyed and left to dry outside, therefore there may be slight variations to color, size and shape as a result.

Approximate Measurements: 

Width ~ 19 inches
Height ~ 10-11 inches
Hole ~ 7-8 inches

Cat caves are hand crafted in Nepal using 100% premium ethically sourced merino wool. The Walking Palm's team of skilled Nepalese artisans put a lot of love into making each piece! The wool is not only beautiful and durable, it has properties that repel dirt and water, keeping pets clean and fresh. Plus, cats are attracted to the natural smell of the wool making the cat cave irresistible!  
Made in Nepal

Customer Reviews

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Linda Poznak
Cats won't go in

My cats are a bit quirky but they have not gone into the cat cave!